Whether it’s our rental properties on Jackson Street, Brady Street, Terrace Avenue, Downer Avenue, Wentworth, Division, Paulina, Leavitt, Shakespeare, Kinnickinnic, Delaware, North Avenue, or Lincoln Park West, or vacation rentals in Telluride or Miami Beach, one thing that ties all of our rentals together is neighborhood vitality. That’s the first thing we look for. The second is properties that are unique and have a flavor that we believe is timeless and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Who are we? We are a boutique firm, passionate about providing a unique experience to our clients. We only have 100 rentals and are growing each year, but we always want to stay just the right size so that we are on a first name basis with every person that lives in our buildings. It’s this highly personal approach that we believe fosters the kind of relationships and trust and it’s this kind of approach that we bring every day to our business.

We are small but cover all the bases from new construction residential development to custom kitchen projects to rehabbing historic buildings. Our sweet spot is delivering a niche, high quality product and great value to you. We all know how hard it is to find a unique place to rent, one with personality, and one that the owners really care for each day, and a place that you can call home for either a point in time or many years to come. Trends will come and go, but we have a core philosophy and we are sticking to it. Any time we buy a property we always ask a first question: “Is this something I would be proud to own not just today but for decades to come.” If the answer to that question is “Yes Absolutely” then it’s a keeper and we invest and dive right in to add our signature to the building exterior, landscaping, lighting, appliances, flooring and so forth. And then we have a wonderful team of design experts that assist us in carrying out our work and delivering a terrific experience.

Experience Blackwatch ’68.

Warmest Regards,

Elan Peltz
Blackwatch ’68 Properties