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I’ve been a collector of various items since I was a little boy. I develop, restore, and rehab turn of the century buildings as well as hunt passionately for unique midcentury collectible pieces, interesting lighting, just the right farm house table, Parisian vintage mirror, or a killer industrial stool!

I always look for practical pieces that have utility and can turn around any space. In these economic times we find ourselves in, there is clearly a renewed faith in the familiar, some would say the classics, and the forgotten traditions of craftsmanship. The simplicity of modern design, rustic farmhouse and industrial pieces can provide tranquility for the mind as well for a space in what is an otherwise complicated world.

I have been heavily influenced by traveling to two special places, one--a little 2000 person town called Telluride Colorado, a landmarked cowboy mining town and the second-an East coast town in the "Hamptons" where flea markets, farms, white sand, horses and fashion+design intermingle in what is aptly called "Hamptons style."

After thinking about these two distinct but similar influences, I decided to name the shop Blackwatch '68 and give it the motto "Thoroughbred Modern". Blackwatch is the tartan many associate with the prep school uniform. Its also my favorite tartan, and1968 is the year I was born.

The core of the shop will always be grounded by a platform of unique midcentury classic looks (furniture+apparel), but the inspiration and feeling is a fushion of Telluride mountain farm house modern tangled up with touches of East Coast Hamptons flea market. This look is also why we carefully selected Red Canoe National Heritage Brands to showcase outstanding rugged aviation inspired apparel and classic luggage.

I hope you enjoy Blackwatch '68 - It has a little piece of all of us.

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