Michigan Beach House Exterior
Michigan Beach House Interior 1
Michigan Beach House Interior 2
Forest Logo
508 W Washington
508 W Washington
4001 North Downer
4005 North Downer
4003 North Downer Unit A
4003 North Downer Unit B
2881 South Wentworth
2881 South Wentworth Porch
2228 East Woodstock
2107 North Terrace
2107 North Terrace
2107 North Terrace
2107 North Terrace
2107 North Terrace
1530 North Jackson
1530 North Jackson
330 Cedar
2671A South Kinnickinnic
834 East Linus
920 South 2nd
922 South 2nd
2639 South Pine Exterior
2065 North Leavitt
2065 North Leavitt
2132 West Shakespeare
1943 West Division
1528 North Paulina

Why Blackwatch '68?

We all know how hard it is to find a unique place to rent, one with personality, and one that the owners really care for each day, and a place that you can call home for either a point in time or many years to come.

We are a boutique firm, passionate about providing a unique experience to our tenants. We have 100 rentals and are growing each year, but we always want to stay just the right size so that we are on a first name basis with every person that lives in our buildings.

It’s this highly personal approach that we believe fosters  relationships and trust and it’s this kind of approach that we bring every day to our business.

“The greenest thing you can do is to restore an old building.”

Elan Peltz
Founder & Owner, Blackwatch '68